New York, Pennsylvania, United States

Upcoming November Trips

I'll be having a busy November with two trips! These were both quickly planned and fairly unexpected! My first trip will be to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA). I've never been here before, and it's been on my list. I have a friend who lives there, and I planned on going when a cheap flight sale came… Continue reading Upcoming November Trips

New York, United States

Wall Street & NY => Maine

August 10 – 12, 2019  I only had a few hours until my flight, but I wanted to explore one more thing. I was already in downtown Manhattan, so I decided to check out Wall Street, NYC's financial distract. I simply walked around and took a few photos before my couple hour subway ride back… Continue reading Wall Street & NY => Maine

New York, United States

Ellis Island & Immigration Museum

August 10 – 12, 2019  The next part of my day Tuesday after visiting Liberty Island and the Statue of Liberty was going to Ellis Island and the Immigration Museum. Entrance is included in the ferry ticket from Statue Cruises. The museum itself is huge, plus there's other parts of the island to explore. You… Continue reading Ellis Island & Immigration Museum

New York, United States

Museum of Jewish Heritage & Sunday

August 10 – 12, 2019  On Sunday morning, I started the day by going to The Museum of Jewish Heritage. Their current exhibition was Auschwitz: Not Long Ago, Not Far Away, which was a chilling title given the current political climate particularly in America. The museum exists to educate individuals about Jewish life in the… Continue reading Museum of Jewish Heritage & Sunday

Massachusetts, New Hampshire, United States

Pride 2019

Boston Pride: June 8, 2019 First Pride adventure of the summer was down to Boston! I took a bus (which I almost missed) and got there Friday afternoon. I spent some time with one of my sorority sisters, and we went to the parade and festival on Saturday! Portsmouth Pride: June 22, 2019 I went… Continue reading Pride 2019

Canada, Montréal, Québec

Introduction to Montréal Day 2

June 15 – 20, 2019  To start off our second day in Montréal, we had breakfast at Tim Horton's - obviously! This is a very popular chain, comparable to Dunkin' Donuts in the northeastern United States. They used to have some locations in mid and southern Maine but just about all of them have closed.… Continue reading Introduction to Montréal Day 2