Massachusetts, New Hampshire, United States

Pride 2019

Boston Pride: June 8, 2019

First Pride adventure of the summer was down to Boston! I took a bus (which I almost missed) and got there Friday afternoon. I spent some time with one of my sorority sisters, and we went to the parade and festival on Saturday!


Portsmouth Pride: June 22, 2019

I went down to New Hampshire just a day or so after returning from my trip to Montréal! It was a super brief trip. I left around 10:00 AM on Saturday, we went to the festival around noon and stayed for a few hours, we had dinner, I spent the night, and left early the next morning! So, about 4 hours of driving and 200 miles over the course of 24 hours! But, I got to see two of my sorority sisters who live down there, and I hadn’t seen them in a while!

New Hampshire, United States

Portsmouth, NH, USA

February 22 – 24, 2019 

For our five year anniversary, Brady and I took a weekend getaway to Portsmouth, NH! This is just under two hours from where we live, so it was far enough to get away but still close.

This trip was pretty difficult because my goldendoodle, Mollie, had passed away less than two weeks before. Needless to say, I was a pretty emotional mess and did not feel like celebrating or going away. But, it ended up being okay, and I knew it was important to still go forward with our plans.


We stayed at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Portsmouth. Portsmouth is pretty small for a city, so it wasn’t that expensive to be close to the hub of things. And the hub of things is relatively small anyway. I’m sure there’s more going on during the summer especially around the water, but we were here in February, so it was 1) cold and 2) not high-peak tourist season. We usually stay in Air BNBs, but we decided to go with a hotel this time in part because my mom gifted us some funds to use towards the trip. And especially since our focus was more just on spending time together versus trying to do lots of sight-seeing (which there’s not a ton of anyway), we wanted a nice and private space. We left on Friday and got down to Portsmouth by early evening, and we stayed until early Sunday morning.


Crossing the border from Maine into New Hampshire


Friday night drinks



Saturday’s Adventures

Lots of chill time hanging out with my boo!



And then we were back to Maine after a great weekend getaway and back to the real world!