New York, United States

NYC August 2019

August 10 – 12, 2019 

I randomly decided to take a trip down to New York City (New York, USA) for a mini trip this summer. I lined up the trip with a weekend my brother would be there, so we were able to see each other on the first day. NYC is about 6 hours and 300 miles (482 km) from where I am in Maine, but I decided to fly, especially because I had accrued a good amount of points on my JetBlue rewards credit card. After using my points, my flight only ended up being around $11 for taxes and fees! Pretty rad.

My flight was for early in the morning, but the evening before, I got the dreaded text about a delay. Of course, you still have to arrive as if it was scheduled as planned in case things changed, which meant I was up around 3:30 AM and at the airport for 4:30 AM. With PWM being such a small airport and not having any baggage to check (plus being pretty certain about the 3+ hour delay), I only arrived about an hour in advance, which is a lot closer than I normally would. 

After I arrived, I had an hour and 15 minute subway ride to meet my brother at Russ and Daughters, a fancy restaurant in Manhattan with great reviews. The subway was quite the adventure: AirTrain (JFK Terminal 5) for 5 stops, transfer to A (Brooklyn) for 12 stops, transfer to F (Manhattan) for 4 stops. And then, I was there! I always forget how big NYC is. It’s pretty normal to spend an hour+ on the subway, especially traveling between boroughs.

Aside from not being bougie enough to understand half the menu, it was great! While it was a bit pricey, I’d say it was normal for New York and a middle-to-higher-end restaurant (about $30 each with tax/tip).

Our day was a bit disrupted because of my delayed flight and arriving three hours later than expected, but we made the best of it! He was only in NYC for the weekend and had other plans as well, so it was just Saturday we had to reconnect.

We took a look at interesting things to do in Manhattan and weirdly decided upon the Museum of Sex, which I will cover in my next post!

Massachusetts, New Hampshire, United States

Pride 2019

Boston Pride: June 8, 2019

First Pride adventure of the summer was down to Boston! I took a bus (which I almost missed) and got there Friday afternoon. I spent some time with one of my sorority sisters, and we went to the parade and festival on Saturday!


Portsmouth Pride: June 22, 2019

I went down to New Hampshire just a day or so after returning from my trip to Montréal! It was a super brief trip. I left around 10:00 AM on Saturday, we went to the festival around noon and stayed for a few hours, we had dinner, I spent the night, and left early the next morning! So, about 4 hours of driving and 200 miles over the course of 24 hours! But, I got to see two of my sorority sisters who live down there, and I hadn’t seen them in a while!

New Hampshire, United States

Portsmouth, NH, USA

February 22 – 24, 2019 

For our five year anniversary, Brady and I took a weekend getaway to Portsmouth, NH! This is just under two hours from where we live, so it was far enough to get away but still close.

This trip was pretty difficult because my goldendoodle, Mollie, had passed away less than two weeks before. Needless to say, I was a pretty emotional mess and did not feel like celebrating or going away. But, it ended up being okay, and I knew it was important to still go forward with our plans.


We stayed at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Portsmouth. Portsmouth is pretty small for a city, so it wasn’t that expensive to be close to the hub of things. And the hub of things is relatively small anyway. I’m sure there’s more going on during the summer especially around the water, but we were here in February, so it was 1) cold and 2) not high-peak tourist season. We usually stay in Air BNBs, but we decided to go with a hotel this time in part because my mom gifted us some funds to use towards the trip. And especially since our focus was more just on spending time together versus trying to do lots of sight-seeing (which there’s not a ton of anyway), we wanted a nice and private space. We left on Friday and got down to Portsmouth by early evening, and we stayed until early Sunday morning.


Crossing the border from Maine into New Hampshire


Friday night drinks



Saturday’s Adventures

Lots of chill time hanging out with my boo!



And then we were back to Maine after a great weekend getaway and back to the real world!

Massachusetts, United States

Boston Day Trip January 2019

Boston is super close to me – about two hours driving or closer to three via train. In my state, everything is super far away, and Boston is closer than mid-Maine is to me! One of my best friends and sorority sister, Karlee, decided to take a day trip down just to have some fun and see a few things. We left from our University and took the 110 mile or so drive down to Boston, Massachusetts (USA).


Our major activity of the day was visiting the New England Aquarium, which is typically a pretty busy and packed place with lots of children, but it wasn’t too bad this time. Tickets tend to be a little bit pricey (around $30 USD for adults), but there is a lot to see, and it’s a nice outing. It’s certainly not something I would do over and over again, but I have been a couple times. The Aquarium is located near Government Center/Quincy Market/Long Wharf in the Central Wharf right on the river. In addition to the exhibits, the Aquarium also has an IMAX theater and a Whale Watch, which I’ve never done (and haven’t been of huge interest but maybe some day!).

Next, we headed down to Cambridge in the Kendall Square area to visit my brother who attends MIT. We had lunch together at Chipotle (classic), but he had to be back on his way to his physics-science-research-smart kid-stuff.


After, we headed over to Charlestown to visit one of our other sorority sisters, and after a few hours, we were on the road back to Maine!

Massachusetts, United States

Boston Day Trip July 2018

On July 29, 2018, I headed down to Boston, Massachusetts (USA) for a day trip. This was the shortest out-of-state trip I’d ever taken – only about eight hours there! It takes about 2.5 hours via train from Portland, Maine. I went down with a sorority sister to show her Boston for the first time. My brother also currently attends the Massachusetts Institute of Technology so of course I wanted to stop by there!

Boston is the most populated city in New England (which consists of six states: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut) with around 700,000. It’s an extremely historic city, which is one of the many reasons I love it! I actually lived in Boston for almost three months during the summer of 2016 for an internship.

Major events from the American Revolution, like the Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party, the Battle of Bunker Hill, and the Siege of Boston all occurred here. There’s something called the Freedom Trail which is a 2.5 mile path through downtown Boston and covers 16 significant locations. It’s been established since the early 1950s and is marked by red brick to guide you through the trail. The sites are:

  • Boston Commonsf6fc693d6706cb88ef74ec1207f467ec
  • Massachusetts State House
  • Park Street Church
  • Granary Burying Ground
  • King’s Chapel and Burying Ground
  • Benjamin Franklin statue and former site of Boston Latin School
  • Old Corner Bookstore
  • Old South Meeting House
  • Old State House
  • Site of the Boston Massacre
  • Faneuil Hall
  • Paul Revere House
  • Old North Church
  • Copp’s Hill Burying Ground
  • USS Constitution
  • Bunker Hill Monument

The last two sites bring you into Charlestown and is a longer part of the walk, so we stuck with the downtown sites. Here are some highlights from that:




Next stop was over the Charles River to Cambridge, a city bordering Boston which is home to schools such as Harvard and MIT. We stopped by MIT to visit my brother who is a physics student. We stopped by his dorm and a few buildings, and I was able to snag a photo before we left. Here we are in front of the Great Dome:


Next, I took some time to take in the beauty of the Charles River and have some mindful time before taking the train home!



New York, United States

Silver Bay, NY, USA

This past weekend, I went to the Silver Bay YMCA for a retreat for individuals with leadership positions in my sorority, a small academic and philanthropic based social Greek organization with 13 active chapters along the east coast.

I drove down with two of my fellow sisters, and we chose to take a scenic route rather than a majority of highway driving. We went through New Hampshire and spent a lot of time in the Green Mountains and Adirondack Mountains. It definitely helped pass the time during our 5.5 hour drive with 250+ miles to cover!


alum and active sisters of my sorority’s chapter who attended the retreat
group photo of active sisters and national board members

After a 3-day retreat, it was time to make the trek back to Maine and enjoy some scenic views again!