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Introduction to Niagara Falls

Tuesday, August 15th, was spent on a one-day trip to Niagara Falls, which was only a few hours away from Toronto. I’d like to give an overview of the day before I start diving in to the post.

First, I got a Niagara Falls One-Day Tour on Groupon, which included a 30-minute helicopter tour, one hour Niagara River Boat Tour, winery tour, ice wine tasting, shopping, lunch, Niagara Falls, bus transport, entry tickets, parking, taxes/tips, fruit and water.

I’ll first post videos from the helicopter ride above Niagara Falls, which last about 15 minutes. I have some beautiful aerial photos that I’ll post. Next was the Niagara River boat tour, which I have lots of photos from (despite how soaked my phone got trying to take them!). I also walked around and took different photos and videos of the falls. From Niagara Falls, we did a winery tour, which I’ll post about last.


Royal Ontario Museum

After visiting the Science Centre, it was off to the Royal Ontario Museum, commonly called the ROM.


The ROM is a museum of art, world culture, and natural history. The museum is the largest in Canada with a collection of over 6,000,000.

I found the ROM to be similar to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, but with a heavier focus on history.

Exhibit Guide Courtesy of Royal Ontario Museum

Below are about 50 photos from my highlights during my own wanderings at the ROM and through my short guided tour of the museum’s highlights.

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