Europe, Murcia, Spain

Carnival in Alcantarilla

Carnival is celebrated throughout Spain every year typically between February and March. It is a period of celebration, dancing, drinking, parades, costumes, and more before fasting during Lent begins leading up to Easter. Some cities like Tenerife and Cadiz are known for large carnival celebrations with hundreds of thousands of attendees and days of weeks of events.

With COVID still high, pretty much everything for Carnival was cancelled when I was in Galicia. This year, in Murcia, most things were postponed until June because of a winter spike in COVID cases. Some cities, such as Alcantarilla, still choose to hold small weekend festivities as normally scheduled.

Wanting to see this part of Spanish culture and unsure of my plans for June, I headed to Murcia to meet two of my friends and head to the town of Alcantarilla about 30 minutes outside of Murcia center.

Meg had connected with another aux who lived in this town, so we met up with her and the four of us watched the parade. After, we ran into another aux that we had all met at a picnic a few weeks before.

After enjoying the parade, seeing the costumes, walking through some markets, and enjoying a few glasses of tinto de verano, I was back to Cartagena for the night. While it was small even for this town’s norm, it was still a nice outing and part of culture to experience.

Perhaps I’ll see some of the Murcia festivities in June, or maybe I’ll even make it to Tenerife or Cadiz some day. Time will tell.

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