Europe, Spain, Valencia

Weekend in Valencia: Day 4

October 29 – November 21, 2021

On my last day in Valencia, I met up with Tony to do the 11 AM Free Walking Tour of Valencia.

After this, I was planning on taking a train back to Cartagena because it’s a long trek back. Unfortunately, all the trains were sold out and I couldn’t get one until around 7 PM. I decided to make the best of the extra half day (even though I was a bit tired!) and make the trek to the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias and more specificially the L’Oceanogràfic.

Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias

L’Oceanogràfic itself is huge, in fact the largest of its kind in Europe. Even though I had about 2-3 hours, I still had to prioritize just a few exhibits.

After closing time at 6 PM, I headed to the bus stop. The bus did not come as scheduled, and I ended up getting on the wrong bus! I got off the bus at the closest stop to Nord Station before it went to a different part of the city. I was trying to walk quickly but knew I wouldn’t make it. I grabbed a taxi and hoped traffic wasn’t too bad! I unfortunately was not surprised with myself that even with so much time to spare, I barely made the train in the nick of time.

Apparently my ticket didn’t process correctly, and they tried to get me to pay again. After some back and forth of broken Spanish, they gestured me on through with sigh and roll of the eyes. I can say it’s the only time my broken Spanish has been of benefit to me.

It was about 5 hours on the train, and after Murcia City, I was the only one in the train car. It was eerily quiet. I made it back to Cartagena close to midnight and was grateful to be back in my own bed.

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