Europe, Spain, Valencia

Weekend in Valencia: Day 2

October 29 – November 1, 2021

Being out late the night before, I slept in for a while. In the early afternoon, I headed down to the Valencia City Hall square where the tourism office is located. Here, I got a pass for the weekend which included public transportation fare and some museum entries, and decided to do a bus tour at Tony’s recommendation.

I struggled finding the pick-up location for the bus and eventually ended up at the second pick up point, Plaza de Toros, which is the bullring of Valencia. It’s rarely used for actual bullfights anymore, but it is a few times a year. More frequently, it’s used for events and tours.

The bus tour wasn’t amazing, mostly because it was very rainy and cold. Although, I did see some interesting sites around the city and got a lay of the land.

With Valencia being so big, I struggled with figuring out what exactly to do and where to start. I think I would’ve benefited from some more prior planning for this trip in particular. I used a list of potential ideas that Lauren had created and a guide from the tourism office to figure out what to do. Many things in Spain are closed on Sundays and Monday was a holiday, so I had to take that into consideration.

Towards the end of the bus tour, I got off at IVAM, the Institut Valencià d’Art Modern.

I waited for the tour bus to come back and after attempting to get on a bus that was from a different company, I decided to walk to the public transport bus stop to head to my next location, Oceanogràfic València, a large oceanarium that is part of the larger complex, Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias. I arrived too close to closing time, so they told me that I’d have to come back tomorrow.

I went back to the Valencia Cathedral to try to explore. Because there was a mass going on, I was only able to see the entryway.

I made a plan to come back the next day to see the rest of it, and the museum.

I went back to my AirBNB to rest up for a little bit, and then Lauren and I met up with two other travelers from Murcia to go out for tapas. After, Lauren and I returned to one of the bars from the night before and called it a night a little bit earlier. I planned on taking public transportation back, but upon finding out it wouldn’t arrive until 3:30 AM, I made the 50 minute walk back in the rain. I survived and hit the hay to prepare for a busy day in Valencia.

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