United States, Washington

Seattle Day 7

One last sight on my list that I really wanted to see was the Kurt Cobain bench. This is a bench in the small Viretta Park bordering his Seattle home (in which he eventually died). It’s said he wrote many of his songs sitting on this bench and reflecting. While the boards of the original bench were taken off and auctioned in 2014, a lot of tributes have been added since. Locals gather here on April 8th annually for a tribute. I also saw a peak at Kurt Cobain’s house, although the greenhouse above the garage was destroyed shortly after his death. While Courtney Love purchased the house in 1997 from Cobain’s family, it was auctioned off in 2003 after she stopped making payments. There’s now a fence and many security cameras to protect the property and privacy of the people who live there now.

This was difficult to get to by public transport and requires a bit of walking or an Uber after the closest bus stop. For me, it was worth going. I relate a lot to Kurt Cobain and found solace in his music during dark times in my life. Reflecting on the end of his life and being so close to where it happened, as well as sitting in a spot that he himself spent time reflecting, was a surreal and sombering experience.

After this, I headed back to Erik’s. One thing we both wanted to do was one of the Seattle Underground tours. We arrived for the Bill Speidels Underground Tour and got to walk through some pretty interesting remnants of the old city. I would certainly recommend this to people in the area!

On the way back, we caught a glimpse of the iconic Smith Tower and passed by a goldendoodle too.

Shortly after, Erik drove me to the airport, and I was on my way back to Maine.

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