United States, Washington

Seattle Day 6

August 24-31, 2021

After a late arrival from Vancouver the night before, we slept in. Around noon, we got up for the day and headed to Geraldine’s, a famous diner that Erik and Nisha are fond of about 20 minutes away.

After, I went out on my own while Erik went to work. I headed back to Pike Place Market to see Seattle’s famous Gum Wall. This wall (plus surrounding walls) have accumulated thousands of pieces of gum over the last few decades. Despite the wall being cleared off by the city in 2015 (over 2000 pounds of gum were removed), it quickly rebuilt its gum collection thanks primarily to tourists passing through.

After visiting one of the top five germiest tourist attractions, I did some wandering around the harbor while waiting for my Seattle Aquarium entry time.

Next, I headed to the Seattle Aquarium, the ninth largest aquarium in the U.S. by attendance. One of its famous attractions is the underwater dome, which was a cool site to see. I’ve been to quite a few aquariums, and a very large one (New England Aquarium) is near me. So, while it was a nice visit, it doesn’t stand out as much as some of the other intriguing things I did on the trip.

Next, I headed towards the Seattle Ferry Terminal to visit Bainbridge Island. This is one of the largest islands and makes a good day trip from Seattle.

The weather was poor, and I wasn’t familiar with how to get around Bainbridge. As such, I didn’t make great use of the time there and see very much. I think it would’ve been better with someone familiar with the area and better research on the (limited) public transportation of the area. What I did enjoy the most was taking one of the iconic Seattle ferry rides. For my Grey’s Anatomy fans, many scenes show Derek or Meredith Grey on the ferry with Seattle in the background, including the final scene of Derek making his last call to Meredith.

I only spent a few hours (if that) walking around Bainbridge. I did a nice walk along the water while waiting for my ferry back to Seattle. After that, I called it a day and headed back for the night.

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