United States, Washington

Arriving in Seattle

August 24-31, 2021

Seattle, Washington, is about the opposite side of the country from my hometown in Maine. Although it’s the largest city in WA and the Pacific Northwest (PNW), it’s still relatively small for a city with a recent population of ~740,000. It’s a known tech-hub with companies like Microsoft and Amazon headquartered here. Hence why my brother, a recent college graduate, relocated to the PNW to complete an internship and begin his post-graduate studies.

While he had been in Seattle last year, traveling across the country was not in the cards during the height of the first wave of the pandemic. I had never been anywhere outside of the east coast except San Francisco in 2016, so I was itching to visit as soon as it was feasible.

With Erik in Seattle again, two vaccines in my arm, and some time to spare, I started the trek to Seattle for a week of exploring and reconnecting. Per usual, I flew out of Boston Logan Airport so I started the day in a Concord Coach Bus following an overnight shift. I arrived with plenty of time to spare given the way the bus scheduled lined up, had a telehealth appointment, got some coffee, and watched Netflix. Then, I was on a non-stop flight to Seattle.

After not much sleep and a lot of fidgeting, I landed. I took the train to Colombia City, the neighborhood Erik lives in.

After buying this train ticket, I found out that they never check and it’s quite easy to just hop on the train without a ticket (@sounds like this will be used in a feature legal case). So this was the first and last train ticket I bought although the buses would prove not to be as easy to smirk through.

Erik, his girlfriend Nisha, and I spent a few hours catching up. By early evening, I was exhausted and ready for an early night. I hadn’t slept in about 30 hours and was quite disoriented. I had to start the next day at 6 AM for a training and to finish my final exam for a summer course.

So, Wednesday I was up bright and early and then at 2 PM when that was finished, I was out like a light. The first and only time Erik permitted me to nap in the middle of the afternoon in the living room (which was his current makeshift office).

Knowing I planned on doing some of the top things in Seattle, I decided a Seattle CityPass was worth it. I get these in some cities but not always. The CityPass covers the Aquarium and Space Needle and then three of the following: MoPOP, harbor cruise, Chihuly Garden and Glass, or Woodland Park Zoo. After a day and a half of resting and getting situated, I was ready to do something. So, at around 4:45 PM, I booked a 6 PM harbor cruise and headed downtown after enjoying a delectable coffee from Coffeeholic.

I arrived and located the boat and boarded fairly quickly. The sights of the skyline were amazing, and the narrator offered some great insight into Seattle’s history.

After the ride finished, I met up with Erik and Nisha downtown to go on my first poke bowl adventure. While their go-to place was closed, we found another place nearby. After leaving Poke Fresh, we headed to a neighborhood where there apartment was last summer and set-up at Green Lake Park. It was an enjoyable first poke experience and a nice end to my first full day in Seattle.

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