Europe, Spain

LASIK in Vigo

One of my most memorable experiences in Spain is definitely going to be that I took the plunge and got LASIK eye surgery this weekend. It’s been a 16-year old journey with glasses and contacts, and I’ve known I wanted corrective surgery for a while. Now that I’ve reached the age where my vision has started to stabilize, I looked into it here. I was shocked to find out how much cheaper it was here than the US, so scary as it was, I signed up for it. I had a consultation at the end of March and surgery booked for two weeks later.

I got placed with an English-speaking surgeon, which was critical for the depth of conversation and medical history we had to review. I did have to work hard with the assistants and other staff regarding appointments, follow-up and aftercare.

I arrived in Vigo at 10 AM and was met with a few last minute tests and a Valium. Then, I was on my way. The details of the LASIK procedure are readily available online, and I don’t need to bore you with details. I entered what looked justlike an operating room, laid on a table, and went through a few separate stages of the surgery, starting with the creation of the cornea flap to the laser correction of the myopia and astigmatism. After I was done, I was moved to a dark waiting room and told to close my eyes for about 20 minutes.

After, I left with eyedrops and squinty, blurry eyes to make it the 10 minutes to the hotel I had booked for the night. The first 24 hours are critical in healing, and I had to avoid my phone as much as possible. I had downloaded some audiobooks and podcasts, but I fell asleep quite quickly. I slept through the afternoon and then woke up at 6 PM to go back for my first follow-up. Everything was in place and as it should be and my eyes were already at 90% perfect vision. I went back to the hostal and went back to sleep quite quickly.

I hadn’t seen any of the downtown Vigo area before, so it was nice to see some of it… although blurry and just a couple streets. It’s true what they say about the city basically being a roller coaster of hills. I left the next morning and felt more capable to get myself back to Pontevedra on public transport. I’m recuperating well and following my aftercare, and I’ll go back to Vigo next week and next month to ensure proper healing.

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