Europe, Spain

Weekend in La Coruña: Day 2

March 12-14, 2021

After sleeping in a bit, my first stop of the day was one of La Coruña’s most famous sites: the Tower of Hercules (Torre de Hércules). This is the oldest known lighthouse still in existence. It was built sometime in the first or second centuries AD and overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. The views are stunning. It’s situated along the Promenade which brings you around the peninsula that the city is situated on.

I spent quite a while here just walking around and admiring the beauty. This is certainly a site to see. I believe during non-COVID times, you can go inside the Tower.

After enjoying these views and walking along the Promenade a little bit, I headed to the National Museum of Science and Technology (Museo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología). The entry to this museum was also free, and it was just me and a few other people. The exhibits were interesting and covered well over a century of technological and scientific advancements.

From here, I hopped on a bus to go to the nearby Mount of San Pedro Park. I was really excited for this, as this park is an only military installment and has a spherical glass elevator that can take you up. Well, I got off the bus at the stop and climbed up about 50 stairs, only to end up in a field. I’m sure this was perhaps one far end of the park, but I was quite disappointed. I had no idea which direction to go in and where I was. I gave up the dream of going here today and decided I’d hop back on the bus to do something else.

Expectation vs. Reality

I got on the next bus, and this is where my series of struggle bus adventures began. I decided I would go to a highly rated piecing shop in the city, Calipso. I’ve been using a transit app called MoovIt, which is the only one I’ve found that works in Spain. I’m partial to CityMapper, but alas, that is not available here. Google Maps Transit is unreliable at best and inaccurate at worst. So, I followed MoovIt which had been pretty reliable thus far. I got off at the stop it indicated, but I was no where in the vicinity. I made it to the shop and was still there pretty close to opening time. It got really busy really fast. I waited about 45 minutes, and then I was up. I got another helix on my right ear and my second nostril done. This makes piercings #33-34 (I think?). Communicating in Spanish was very difficult, and it certainly took a little longer than a piercing session usually would. Words to describe placement, jewelry, aftercare, etc. are not ones high up on the words I’ve been taught. After I was finished, I ran into a fiasco with them no longer accepting cards, so I actually had to transfer them a payment when I got home. I could tell they didn’t want to trust me, understandably, but there was no other options.

I hopped on the bus again hoping to go back to the hostal for a short break, but the bus ended up going in the completely opposite direction at one point. I’m sure there’s some rider error here, but I confirmed the bus number, route, stop number, the whole nine yards. I was really frustrated and tired of wasting bus money, but I radically accepted the situation. I found myself right along the Orzán and Riazor beaches and decided it was a sign to stop there for a little bit.

The two beaches are pretty much connected except there’s a small pier that separates them. I spent time on the Riazor side. This is one of those times photos and even videos don’t truly do it justice.

After spending some time here, there was another struggle bus moment (actually two) before I finally got on a bus. After that was resolved, I was on my way back to the hostal where I was in for the night.

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