Europe, Spain

Praia da Lanzada

As I mentioned in my last post, things are slowly reopening within provinces and the region. There is a famous beach in Galicia, Playa de La Lanzada (or Praia da Lanzada de Gallego). It’s in the municipality of O Grove and covers most of the isthmus that connects the O Grove peninsula to the mainland. It’s famous for its incredible waves and perfect conditions for windsports like surfing. It’s also quite vast spanning 2.5 kilometers.

So, my friend Whitney and I decided that Lanzada would be this weekend’s adventure. On Saturday morning, we headed to the bus station to take the 11 AM bus from Pontevedra to Lanzada. After we arrived, we went searching for a coffee shop and found one tucked behind some buildings.

Then, we were on our way down to the beach. To say it was breathtaking is an understatement! It is certainly one of the best beaches I’ve been to, and I could’ve easily spent the whole day there. The strong and abundant waves was no joke. Being such a big beach, it was easy to spread out from other people as well.

We stayed until 5 PM and then took the bus back to Pontevedra and went our separate ways for the week! I’m certain I will return to Lanzada soon.

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