Europe, Spain

Beach Day in Marín

Marín is where the Spanish Navy was settled and is known for the Escuela Naval Militar de Oficiales (Naval Academy for Officers), the only one in Spain. It’s also known for the beautiful beaches, as are many other towns in the Pontevedra province and Galicia in general. Marín is part of the Pontevedra province and is a few small towns away from Pontevedra city. It has a population of 25,000 so much smaller than the main city.

I had been to Marín briefly once before with José and Benjamin when I was living with them in Poio. It was just a short trip, but I had the opportunity to go into the Naval Academy port and go out on José’s boat into the bay a little bit. One of my auxiliar friends, Whitney, and I had planned to go to Marín on my birthday (9 January), but the bus never arrived for us. That week, the new concello restrictions were announced, and we couldn’t leave the confines of Pontevedra.

So, when we heard news that Marín was now in our area sanitaria (the group of concellos that we’re permitted to travel around within), we knew we had to go soon because we know how fast restrictions can change. We thought we’d hold off on Marín and go a bit farther out to the O Grove area which you can see up in the top left of the map above. There’s some beautiful beaches there, primarily Lanzada. The bus schedule was quite limited on Sunday, so we chose Marín for this weekend’s trip and will go to Lanzada next weekend when we can go on a Saturday with more bus times.

We took a late morning bus and arrived in Marín before noon. We stopped at a coffee shop (which we were very grateful to have opened again!) and had coffee outside. Then, we started the walk towards the first beach, Portocelo. There are multiple beaches that you can walk past an approximately two hour walk down the coast in Marín.

We decided to just go to the first one today, Portocelo, which was about a 20 minute walk. We went from the center of the town, past the naval academy, and started on the trail there. It was a beautiful walk, and then we arrived in Portocelo. We spent a couple hours here and enjoyed the beach. There was plenty of room to space out and socially distance, which was nice.

The only downfall was I have a curling iron burn on my forehead and despite repeated sunscreen applications, the sun darkened it. I’ll survive, but I’m obsessing over it for the time being.

After we enjoyed a few hours, we walked back to the bus stop and were on our way back to Pontevedra!

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