Europe, Spain

From Granada to Córdoba

December 28-31, 2020

We had a bus ticket for noon to head to Córdoba. This was an important Roman city and large Islamic center under Muslim rule, evidenced by the major site in the city: La Mezquita, which I’ll cover later.

We started the day packing up our things, grabbing Starbucks, and arriving to the bus station.

We had almost a three hour bus ride, a lot of windy backroads, lovely views, and some crippling motion sickness. I was ecstatic when we finally arrived.

It was a bit warmer in Córdoba than Granada, which was a relief. We took a taxi to our hostal and got settled in. We would be meeting up with one of Gabrielle’s friends from the city she lives in. Leyre would be joining us for our last two cities: Córdoba and Sevilla.

Around 6 PM, Leyre arrived and we all hung out together. We headed our around 8 PM to find a restaurant. We were immediately struck by how narrow the streets were and a lot of Arab-era architecture was still present. We landed on a restaurant called La Boca, had a couple drinks and some food, and then headed out for a walk.

Due to COVID-19, the region has a curfew of 11 PM, so we only had a little bit to walk around and explore. Gabrielle took us to the main site of the city, the Mezquita-Catedral de Córdoba. This is a major historical site for multiple religions. We wouldn’t be able to go inside until the next day, but we wanted to see it lit up at night.

After walking past the Mezquita and over part of the Roman Bridge of Córdoba, we headed back to the hostal to make it before curfew. We went to bed in preparation of our first full day in Córdoba.

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