Europe, Spain

Granada: Day 1-2

December 24-28, 2020

Granada Day 1

At 5:30 PM, we got on our bus to take us to Granada, where we would settle in for five days. The bus took about an hour and a half, then we took a taxi to our hostal to drop off our belongings. The building is actually also used as a dormitory for colegio students, and an escuela operates on the lower floors.

Being Christmas Eve, we wanted to go out to dinner. We found a place called the Alamada Cafe and had dinner there. Unfortunately, a bird pooped on Gabrielle, but it also gave us quite a few laughs for quite a long time.

After we finished eating, we walked around downtown and saw all the beautiful Christmas lights before heading back to the hostal for the night.

Granada Day 2

We slept in quite a bit at the start of our second day in Granada as we had been up quite late and not slept very well. It was Christmas Day, so not much would be open. Our plan was to find coffee, visit the cathedral and a few neighborhoods that Gabrielle had researched. We passed by some beautiful buildings while walking, and I quickly fell in love with this city and its history!

To my surprise, we were able to find a Starbucks open and enjoyed a very American coffee/pastry breakfast.

Our next stop was visiting the Royal Chapel, which is where Queen Isabella I and King Ferdinand are buried. It was constructed between 1505 and 1517 and neighbors the Granada Cathedral, which begun construction in 1518. It was built atop the city’s mosque shortly after the Spanish Monarchs took over the city from Muslim rule. We were not able to go inside either building due to COVID, but the outside was beautiful and worth looking at. It’s a very large building and is quite difficult to do it justice with photos.

After, we went to an area with a lot of shops, only a few of which were open. This is formally called the Alcaicería and deemed “an Arabic-style bazaar market.” We got a few things there, and then we headed to the bus stop to go to the first of the neighborhoods on our list: Sacromonte.

Sacromonte is known as the “gypsy corner” and famous for their homes and venues built into caves, as well as late-night music, dancing, and Flamenco shows.

There’s a couple museums there, but with it being Christmas Day, they were closed. We still had beautiful views walking around and seeing the mountains. The town and its atmosphere was unique and exciting to see.

After we spent a couple hours walking around, we took a bus back to downtown. We walked around a few streets and stopped for a slice of pizza. Then, we waited until they turned on the lights for the evening. At this point, it got really crowded so we made our way back to the hostal.

I video-chatted with my family for Christmas, and then we were off to bed. The first part of the next day’s adventure was visiting the Alhambra to get tickets for the 27th, which would require us to be up bright and early.

Candid moment, I promise we were all happier than we look here. Not pictured: Erik (who got mad I took a candid and instructed me to delete it)

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