Europe, Spain

Moving Weekend

Today, I moved from my Air BNB in Poio across the bridge and into downtown Pontevedra city. This is a month-to-month rental, but I’ll likely be staying here until the end of my auxiliar term. My Air BNB roommate, Ben, drove me this morning to my new apartment, which is in a large building on a central street. Many areas of downtown Pontevedra no longer allow driving, so aside from a rare delivery truck, this is one of the streets that is solely for pedestrians and cyclists. It’s about a 10 minute walk from Peregrina and the Old Town district.

The Air BNB experience and living with José and Ben was positive. Poio was a nice town to explore, and the beaches and trails were nice. Although, I’m looking forward to living in Pontevedra city. It’s much more walkable and central, and I think I’ll be able to experience more new and different things.

I don’t believe I’ve shared any photos on here of the BNB (although, follow my Instagram @wanderlustadventures97 which has more frequent updates). Here’s a few a highlights:

The new apartment is four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen, common area, and a terrace. My room is smaller, and I have a shared bathroom. There’s also less common spaces. Still, I think it’s a good fit, and the location is perfect. I’ve been working on getting settled in today. I bought some bedding at a discount store (akin to Marden’s in Maine). I’ve set up what I can for today and am hoping to get some more decorative things soon so it starts to feel more homey.

Now, I’m relaxing with wine and Netflix. This weekend, there is no inter-city travel except between Poio, Pontevedra, and Marin, and you can’t be with anyone you don’t live with. Spain is certainly hovering on the verge of another lockdown. This week, France announced a one month lockdown, and Italy has been having increasingly strict measures. Being abroad in a pandemic is certainly difficult and what the experience means and how to make the best of it looks different. It’s a learning experience day-by-day.

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