Florida, United States

Science Center & Conservation Society

Friday, February 7, was our last full day in Florida. We started by going to the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium. The goal of this interactive museum is to “Open Every Mind to Science.” There are 50+ exhibits, a planetarium, and a 3000 foot aquarium. There were a diverse amount of exhibits in both the science center and aquarium side of the facility.

It wasn’t our original plan, but we decided to purchase the “dual discovery pass” which allowed admission into the West Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society which borders the science center. This was $34.10 for adults and $31.10 for seniors (additional discount for residents of West Palm Beach).

The Conservation Society was a highlight of our trip, so we were grateful that we decided to add it onto our agenda for the day. This was the quintessential idea of a conservation society and zoo that seeks to rehabilitate animals. Most animals housed there would have no chance out in the wild, and they are given quality of life within the conservation society. Some animals are able to be released, and care is taken to make sure that can happen. The treatment and care of the animals was ethical and humane with a significant amount of thought and research into curating proper habitats.

They had so many exhibits, and it was actually a bit difficult to find our way around! We just took each loop and turn and sometimes wound up back to the same place but kept exploring. The zoo features over 190 species with 20+ acres of land and specially developed habits.


It’s hard to describe how great this facility was and how meaningful it was to see the work they are doing for the animals. I would definitely recommend going here if you are visiting the area.

This took most of our day, so we headed back to our Air BNB via Uber because there was no easy bus route to take. We rested up and then prepped for a celebratory last-night-in-Florida dinner.

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