Florida, United States

Sunset Cruise & Downtown

February 6, 2020

One of the first things I booked for us even before leaving for Florida was a sunset cruise. This actually turned into an interesting adventure because I originally booked a cruise for Key West Florida, not quite realizing the location: 4 hours and 231 miles from West Palm! So, I cancelled that and found a cruise actually in the area via Visit Palm Beach.

Our tickets came to $74.16 for two people. The cruise departs from the Clematis Street docks in Downtown West Palm Beach. We were instructed to arrive 45 minutes early, but we arrived closer to 90 minutes early. With public transportation, you never know when you’re going to miss a stop or have a delayed bus, so we left extra time. Once we arrived, we walked around the area about 1/2 mile radius of the Blue Waterfront Activity Station (which is where you check-in and board for the cruise). It was another beautiful spot to explore, and we got another look at all the yachts that populate this area.

The cruise was super enjoyable, the weather was cool and breezy, and the sunset was beautiful to watch.

After the cruise was finished, we walked a few blocks over to Centennial Square where they host free concerts on Thursday nights.


Then we continued to walk up the street, which is Clematis Street. This is the main downtown area in West Palm Beach and has a lot of shops and restaurants. We walked and checked out stores for about an hour on our way up to a bus stop at the end of the main strip.

At that bus stop, we encountered a man experiencing homelessness who lived out of that bus shelter and chatted for quite a while until the bus arrived. He holds a heavy place in our minds with the stories he shared with us. I work in a homeless shelter and regularly reflect on the injustice of homelessness, and when traveling, it’s just a reminder that you can’t escape it. It’s present in every community and is such a multi-faceted social justice issue.

We took the hour bus ride home, and then were in for the night. We spent a little bit of time poolside and relaxing and then prepped for our last full day in Florida.

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