Florida, United States

Bryant Park & Lake Worth Beach, Florida

February 6, 2020

The start of day three, I decided to explore a site on “Things to Do Near Me.” My dad wanted to take the morning to chill poolside, so I headed out on this adventure myself. I took the bus about 20 minutes to Bryant Park, which is a recreational area that has boat launches, fishing areas, walking trails, restaurants, benches, bridges, and a concert area.

I really enjoyed walking around the trails and sitting by the water. I brought a book and read for a little while and enjoyed the breeze and sun. Then I walked some more and explored some of the different the trails and bridges.

Next, I decided to trek on over to Lake Worth Beach. I wanted to get another site in. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be much more than Bryant Park but hopped on the bus to check it out.


What I didn’t know was that it was going to be quintessential Florida, and it was a highlight of our trip. And I almost skipped it! As soon as I arrived on the beach, I called my dad and told him he had to come over. We weren’t going to meet back up until mid-afternoon to head out for a sunset cruise, but I knew he’d find the beach super relaxing. I called him an Uber, and he was there within a half hour.

We spent an hour on the beach, and then headed to Mulligan’s Beach House Bar and Grill for a happy hour and lunch.

Check out this video for a more real feel of the beauty of Lake Worth Beach:


We spent a little bit more time on the beach until around 2 PM, and then we headed back to the Air BNB to prep for the rest of the day.

And in a very typical me nature and a somewhat defining point of most of my travels over the past few years, I got another raging sunburn.

We spent a couple hours hanging out and got ready for the sunset cruise downtown.

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