Florida, United States

West Palm Beach, Florida

On January 14, I got one of those irresistible emails from one of my favorite flight websites Skyscanner: “Low-costs flights from Boston Logan International Airport!” I scrolled down to see the options, and the cheapest one for Florida was West Palm Beach. Desperate to escape a cold Maine winter and have a short get-away, I click on the link for a $53 round trip. I asked my dad if he wanted to join me for the adventure, and he agreed. We picked dates that worked perfectly with my part-time work schedule at the time: Tuesday, February 4, to Saturday. February 8, 2020. You’ve got that right: 21 days away! It was impulsive and basically a place picked at random. My idea of an adventure.

If you know anything about different airlines, the ones with these super low cost tickets come with their own challenges, namely very very little leg room or anything resembling spacious seating, as well as limited to no drinks or snacks and high baggage fees. It basically feels like you’re packaged like sardines, but I kept reminding myself that for $25 each person each way, I can stay smushed for a few hours!

We were able to manage our five days worth of items in the personal item (which is akin to a large purse or laptop bag) so we avoided those fees. This has been a regular adventure of mine recently, so we had it pretty down pat.


Our flight left Boston airport at 8:30 AM, so we were on the 3:30 AM bus out of Portland, Maine, to make it there by 5:30 AM. This was pretty early, but the next bus wouldn’t have gotten us there until 7:30 AM, which was pushing it too close. So, we arrived at Logan via bus with plenty of time to spare.

Our flight left pretty close to on time, and after three hours in the air, we arrived in West Palm Beach.

We had a bit of a difficult time navigating the public transportation system out of the airport and into town. It took a few tries, and we got stuck in a bus loop so we couldn’t get out to get into our Uber. This was a bit frustrating, but we eventually figured it out! Our first stop before heading to our Air BNB was visiting the Historical Society of Palm Beach County.


The Historical Society was founded in 1937 and provides a significant amount of historical information on Palm Beach County. I enjoy museums and getting context for a place when I visit. This was free on the list and nearby to where we were, so we hit this up first while waiting for our Air BNB check-in time. Our guide through the museum was knowledgeable, and the exhibits were well curated.

Next, we headed to our Air BNB, which was in a neighboring town, Lake Worth. We ran into a few challenges checking in, but it ended up working out. It was a three bedroom house, and two of the other guests were traveling nurses that we connected well with.

After getting settled in, we took an Uber to a nearby Walmart to stock up on groceries, and then it was time to kick back and relax for the evening.

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