Pennsylvania, United States

Last Day in Philadelphia

October 31 – November 5, 2019 

Our sixth and final day in Philadelphia we started with one last breakfast at Tom Jones and then went back to downtown for a few more remaining sites on my list.

Washington Square

Our first stop was Washington Square, which is one of the original five parks set aside by William Penn and his surveyor who developed the city in a grid and placed this park in the southern quadrant.

Philadelphia City Hall

Our next stop was Philadelphia City Hall, which is placed in the center of the grid. The development of the city as well as the architecture of City Hall were covered in detail during the tour. This was one of the best sites of the trip. We took the 2.5 hour tour which ended with a trip up to the top tower.

An architectural treasure inside and out, City Hall is the largest municipal building in the United States, with over 14.5 acres of floor space. Topped with an iconic statue of William Penn, the 548-foot tower is the tallest masonry structure in the world without a steel frame; it was the tallest building in Philadelphia until 1987.

Rocky Statue & Steps

Another iconic and highly visited site in Philadelphia is the “Rocky steps.” These are the 72 steps leading up to the Philadelphia Museum of Art that Rocky is seen running up in one of the Rocky movies. At the base of the steps, there is a commemorative statue.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

After our cliché tourist experience with the Rocky steps and statue, we went inside the Philadelphia Museum of Art. This was another site that provides a two-pass pass (which will also give you admission into a couple neighboring museums) and have a student discount.

We heard the announcement that the museum was preparing to close, but we got lost within the museum. With multiple floors and so many twists and turns, it felt like we’d never get out. We ended up in the employee area, the cafeteria, on higher up floors than we originally were, and on and on it went.

Just in the nick of time before closing, we found our way outside. We were greeted with beautiful views looking towards City Hall and center Philadelphia. We had a good time hanging out and enjoying the weather, the views, and watching more people run up and down the Rocky steps.

Flying Back

Kristina took a flight back with me because she had some things back in Maine to take care of. We had an 8:45 PM flight out of Philadelphia and landing in Boston.

From there, we took the bus back to Portland, Maine, and were fast asleep after a long day of adventuring topped off with a flight up the east coast.

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