Canada, Montréal, Québec

Montréal Day 6

June 15 – 20, 2019


Thursday was our last day in Montréal. We had originally planned to stay another day, but between multiple days with very few agendas, sunburns, humidity, and not a lot of sleep, we figured it was best to leave on a good note rather than stretch ourselves anymore. We notified our host we’d be leaving early and packed up our bags.

Strøm spa nordique Montréal

Our final stop in Montréal was to the Nordic spa. I seem to visit one of these every time I go to Canada. They deserve all the hype. The Montréal location was a bit smaller and more limited than the Chelsea or Quebec City locations, but it was still relaxing and enjoyable. We stayed for a few hours, and then we were itching to get back on the road for the drive back. It was also a very rainy and cold weather, so we spent most of our time in the relaxation chalets or hot tubs.

The rates between Nordic spas are fairly similar. There is the standard thermal access experience, and then add-ons like massages, facials, and so forth. We went with the thermal access for this visit.

After our visit to the spa, we started the long trek back to Maine. On the way, we stopped in New Hampshire at Black Bear Tavern for a final celebratory lunch to reminisce about all of our new experiences.

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