Canada, Montréal, Québec

Montréal Day 5

June 15 – 20, 2019


On Wednesday, Brady and I had separate agendas. He chose to take the day to rest and recuperate, while I chose to seize the opportunity to soak in more museums in Montréal.

Centre d’histoire de Montréal

My first stop was the Montréal History Museum, and I arrived right at opening. This was different than the Archaeology Museum in that it was more exhibits and not so many artifacts. It also had more of a focus on the First Nations and went era-by-era all the way into the late 20th century and a short exhibit on Montréal today. It 2022, this museum will be renamed to MEM – Center des Mémoires montréalaises.

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

The next stop was another included site, the Fine Arts Museum. General admission typically runs CAD $24 (general admission), $16 (age 21-30), and free (20 and under).

McCord Museum: Montreal Social History Museum

The final museum stop of the day was the McCord Museum. This museum “celebrates past and present life in Montreal” and is “home to collections of costumes, decorative art, aboriginal objects, paintings, and prints.” Outside of the Montreal Passport, admissions rates are CAD $19 (adult), $17 (senior 65+), $14 (student), and free for children and indigenous peoples. This museum had a significant focus on the First Nations, their life, identity, clothing, culture, and so forth.

After I finished exploring, I headed back to the Air BNB to meet back up with Brady. We traveled about a mile from where we were staying and had dinner at another local Chinese restaurant. After this, it was time for bed and preparing for our last day in Montreal.

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