Massachusetts, United States

Boston Day Trip January 2019

Boston is super close to me – about two hours driving or closer to three via train. In my state, everything is super far away, and Boston is closer than mid-Maine is to me! One of my best friends and sorority sister, Karlee, decided to take a day trip down just to have some fun and see a few things. We left from our University and took the 110 mile or so drive down to Boston, Massachusetts (USA).


Our major activity of the day was visiting the New England Aquarium, which is typically a pretty busy and packed place with lots of children, but it wasn’t too bad this time. Tickets tend to be a little bit pricey (around $30 USD for adults), but there is a lot to see, and it’s a nice outing. It’s certainly not something I would do over and over again, but I have been a couple times. The Aquarium is located near Government Center/Quincy Market/Long Wharf in the Central Wharf right on the river. In addition to the exhibits, the Aquarium also has an IMAX theater and a Whale Watch, which I’ve never done (and haven’t been of huge interest but maybe some day!).

Next, we headed down to Cambridge in the Kendall Square area to visit my brother who attends MIT. We had lunch together at Chipotle (classic), but he had to be back on his way to his physics-science-research-smart kid-stuff.


After, we headed over to Charlestown to visit one of our other sorority sisters, and after a few hours, we were on the road back to Maine!

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