Dominican Republic, The Caribbean

Last Day in the DR & Service Project #3

November 27 – 30, 2018


We got up early on our last day in the Dominican Republic on our #JetBlueforGood trip. Our final service project started at 8 AM. We were up and packing around 6 AM and got down to have a leisurely breakfast.

Both groups gathered together in the large conference room to work on our final service project: building buoys to protect coral reef beds with the organization FUNDEMAR. Check out JetBlue’s tweet about the project.

We paired up and each began working on a buoy, which had multiple stations and steps to complete. It was one of the projects that I felt was most impactful because of the labor we were able to provide for a big project add 50 buoys to protect coral reefs in the Dominican waters.

After a few hours on this project, we had until 11 AM until we departed from the lobby to the airport. Erin and I had already packed, so we went back to the beachside bar to hangout for an hour.

At 11 AM, we got in the bus to depart for our airport: Aeropuerto Internacional de Las Américas. It wasn’t the same airport that we had flown into. This was about 2.5 hours away, so it was a long drive on the bus.

We got to the airport mid-afternoon, and our flight left around 5 PM. It landed in New York around 8 PM, and then we waited until around 10:30 PM for our flight from JFK back to Portland, Maine!

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