Dominican Republic, The Caribbean

Dominican Republic: Service Project #1

November 27 – 30, 2018


We started off our first full day in the Dominican Republic waking up bright and early at 6 AM and heading down to one of the open restaurants for breakfast. While I am not a morning person, it was beautiful to see the sunrise over the resort.

We met in the lobby at 8 AM to catch the bus that would bring us to our first service site: Escuela Básica Las Dos Jardas. We were dressed head-to-toe in JetBlue for Good gear (cue cringe over all the photo-op voluntourism potential) and got on the bus for about an hour drive to the school.

Our group was given the task of doing some recycling/re-purposing with plastic bottles and painting a mural for the kids that they had selected, as well as some general clean-up on their courtyard.

We spent about three hours there, and then hopped on the bus back to the resort. We had lunch given to us on the bus, but with Erin and I being the vegetarians that we are, we got lunch at one of the restaurants back at the resort before heading out on the optional hotel-offered excursion that we had signed up for that morning!

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