Europe, France, Paris

Un Jour à Paris

Being so close to other European countries, I decided to seize the opportunity to go to Paris! I purchased a package from Viator that included a Eurostar ticket, a day-long tour, and admission to various sites.


I started my day super early by arriving at St. Pancras International to collect my ticket for the trip and board the Eurostar, a large train system that operates throughout Europe.

Riding on the Eurostar was really cool! It goes very fast, like up to almost 200mph. The slowest it went was 100mph, and that was only when it was under the English Channel in what is referred to as the Channel Tunnel or the “Chunnel.” It was so weird to know that for 30+ miles, we were underwater!

It took about two and a half hours to arrive from London to Paris. We arrived early in the morning at Paris-Nord, and it was time to begin our jour à Paris (day in Paris)!

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