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21st Birthday

January 9, 2018, was my 21st birthday! Spending it in London was super cool, and there’s definitely a lot of positive memories to hold onto!


I started the day by taking some time with myself to enjoy lunch and then my typical activity: getting piercings. I had been planning this for a while, and it finally happened: my 21st piercing on my 21st birthday! I got my left second forward helix (20th) and my right anti-tragus (21st). I traveled 45 minutes via Underground and Overground to get to an affordable shop. It ended up being super sketchy back-room type shit, but I went with it.

For dinner, Brady and I went out and had some drinks. Even though the drinking age in London is 18, and I’d been drinking the whole trip, it was still exciting to celebrate “being legal” back in the US.

I wanted to go out to a club to celebrate. Clubs aren’t totally our scene, so we tried to find something a little fun. We decided on a place called Ballie Ballerson, which is a club with a large ball pit.

photo courtesy of http://www.ballieballerson.com




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