Canada, Ontario, Ottawa

Day 1 Bus Tour

Whenever I travel to a new city, I like to do one of their very tourist-y attractions right off the bat: a bus tour. Why? Because it gives you a layout of the city immediately, you do a big loop through major parts of the city and get some background and history. You also get transportation between the sites that you might be going to anyway. I’ve never regretted it, and I usually do a 2-day pass. I take the first day to do their tour and learn, and then the second day I usually use it more for transportation between sites.

I bought a two-day double decker tour from Lady Dive for Monday, May 21, and Tuesday, May 22. Here is the route that they take:

Courtesy of Lady Dive

On the other side of the Ottawa River is the city of Gatineau, Quebec. So, on the map you’ll see the tour crosses into both (and my next post, the Canadian History Museum, takes place in Gatineau). For today, I only stopped at the CHM and then later at the National Gallery. My next two posts will be about those experiences. Check out some photos from around the city as we took the tour!


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