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Freud Museum

The Freud Museum might very well have been my favorite sight in London. This was a day that Brady and I took to ourselves and he went to a park and relaxed and I went and fangirled over psychotherapy history. Here’s a brief description about the Freud Museum from the London Pass website:

The Freud Museum was the final home of Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, who came here after fleeing Nazi-occupied Vienna. One of London’s ‘hidden gems’, this extraordinary, atmospheric house is probably London’s most intriguing museum. See Freud’s study, his original psychoanalytic couch and collection of over 2,000 Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Oriental antiquities. The Museum is also filled with memories of Freud’s daughter, Anna, a pioneer of child psychoanalysis.

Like, just check out all these pictures and all the cool stuff. I can’t add a whole lot with words, most of it speaks for itself. I honestly just stood in his study and walked around looking at everything, his desk, the couch, for like a half hour. It was so cool to be in a historical place for someone who’s such a key figure in my field (although I’m into macro social work, I would still consider him a key figure because of clinical social work and psychotherapy). Also, seeing things like the original couch was just so cool.


Everything was super cool, and I definitely recommend going, especially if you’re into psychology and all that cool stuff! Learn more about the museum here!

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