Half-Ass Blogger?

So, with both London and Toronto, my blogging was pretty on point for half the trip then dropped and died. I didn’t finish Toronto’s last posts until like six weeks. Well, it’s only been nine weeks since I’ve been back from London, and I’m even more behind. I only have up until most of day five done.

A3SYHQICYAAQ222I wanted to enjoy my time and not get caught up in blogging, because as most writers and bloggers know, it takes a lot of time.

I wonder if a better system is in order. Perhaps a travel journal where I take a lot of notes and then do a full reflection when I get back, but have all of the details with me. But, then we run into the challenge of letting two+ months pass before we get back to it and likely forgetting some things I would’ve otherwise remembered. Or, perhaps spending that time blogging throughout the trip is a good way to reflect on the past day. I’ll figure it out. But, for now, I need to finish nine days of London!

I just returned from Boston for a three-day trip. It’s only a couple hours by train from me. Instead of going somewhere for spring break, I decided to do something close and spend time reflecting on London and do a bigger trip in April or May.

So, here’s to some reflection and summarizing!

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