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Westminster Abbey

Day 5 started with Westminster Abbey, which was soon to become one of our favorite sites! We took the subway directly there and walked past Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. Due to a New Year’s Day parade, it was difficult to find a place to cross the street and find our way over to where we needed to be, but we did it! (This reminded me of the time Brady and I got trapped on one side of Central Park and couldn’t cross the street towards where we wanted to go because of the NYC Marathon back in 2016!)


Houses of Parliament and Big Ben with the London Eye behind it

As soon as we arrived in front of Westminster Abbey, we were amazed by how beautiful it was just on the outside!


Unfortunately, this is just about the only photo I have because you aren’t allowed to take any photos inside. They believe that widespread photography “would diminish the sacred and intimate atmosphere of a building which is, first and foremost, a living, working church.” I can respect this, and I enjoyed being fully engaged and mindful. If you would like to see photos of the inside, check out the photo gallery on their website.

In addition to being beautiful, there are some really cool facts and tidbits of history related to Westminster Abbey!

  • The site has over a thousand years of history, dating back to monks in the tenth century who came here to develop a tradition of daily worship.
  • The current church that is standing today was started by Henry III in 1245.
  • There are 450 tombs and monuments. It is the burial site of many monarchs and consorts, as well as other key figures throughout history. To name a few:
    • Sir Isaac Newton
    • Charles Darwin
    • Queen Elizabeth I
    • King Henry III
    • Charles Dickens
  • There is a door from the year 1050.
  • It is England’s Coronation church and has been since the crowning of William the Conqueror in 1066.
  • Prince William and Kate Middleton were married here in 2011.

This was one of our favorite sites, and I’d definitely recommend visiting and researching it! When we were ready to leave, we were foiled again by the New Year’s parade! Only this time it was because streets had been shut down so trying to find our way to a bus that would get us to our next adventure was pretty difficult, but we managed!

On the double-decker bus heading to lunch.

Next, we were off to the Tower Bridge Exhibition!

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