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London Pass, Bus Tour, & River Cruise

On our third day, we began using our London Pass, which is a sightseeing pass that provides admission into 60+ London attractions and tours for one set price based on the amount of days you choose. We chose the 6-day pass.

To begin, we did the Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour to get a layout of the city and the major sites before venturing out on our own.

Photo Courtesy of Golden Tours

Here are some various photos from around the city. There will be more photos to come from a lot of these sites!

We got off the bus to have lunch in Piccadilly Circus, a road junction that is a very busy tourist area and close to major entertainment and shopping districts. We had lunch at Pizza Hut, a chain that we also have in America, but we definitely learned about some cultural differences! We also walked around (I have some pictures, but I added them in above with the other pictures because I couldn’t tell exactly which ones were which) and took a peek into M&M’s World. And then we were on our way.


Next, we did a Thames River evening cruise from one pier to another. We started at the London Eye pier. There are about four or five piers that you can take city cruises, clippers, and boats between. It was about a half hour long, and while it was quite chilly, there were some great photo opportunities and beautiful sites! Here are some photos from that:

And then we were on our way home, ready to rest and hit the ground running the next day!

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