Where Did I Go?!

On August 18, I said I’d finish writing about Toronto within a few days. It’s Thanksgiving. Whoops. I did really great keeping up on blogging until the very end. And it’s been bugging me since the trip that I haven’t had my blog updated with the rest of the trip. In addition to sharing my journeys with others, this blog is also to really help me remember the details of my travels. The longer it’s been, the hazier the details get.

I’ll write about the Toronto beaches, one of which I went to on the last Monday (8/14) and Wednesday (8/16) of the trip. I also had a busy day trip to Niagara Falls on Tuesday (8/15) that I have lots of pictures and videos to share from. And finally, my Air BNB and the flight home.

Also, stay tuned for the exciting announcement about my next trip!

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