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Introduction to Niagara Falls

Tuesday, August 15th, was spent on a one-day trip to Niagara Falls, which was only a few hours away from Toronto. I’d like to give an overview of the day before I start diving in to the post.

First, I got a Niagara Falls One-Day Tour on Groupon, which included a 30-minute helicopter tour, one hour Niagara River Boat Tour, winery tour, ice wine tasting, shopping, lunch, Niagara Falls, bus transport, entry tickets, parking, taxes/tips, fruit and water.

I’ll first post videos from the helicopter ride above Niagara Falls, which last about 15 minutes. I have some beautiful aerial photos that I’ll post. Next was the Niagara River boat tour, which I have lots of photos from (despite how soaked my phone got trying to take them!). I also walked around and took different photos and videos of the falls. From Niagara Falls, we did a winery tour, which I’ll post about last.

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