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Spa Day & Piercing

Saturday’s focus was a little bit more on self-care, and it was perfect timing, because hopefully as you know, Saturday was a rough day in the United States.

I really had to try to step back and understand that at this moment, there was very little I could do. And I felt very very hopeless.

Throughout the course of the day, I came to the realization that there is a never-ending need for activism, that in this line of work, there is never an end. I want to process this more later, and I’m really not ready to do it right now. To be honest, I’m getting anxiety just starting to think about it, and so I need to take a step back.

Yesterday, I decided to take some self-care time and have a “spa day” — nothing super fancy, but it was a great time for me to reflect on how necessary it is to take care of ourselves if we are going to continue fighting for others. And that just because you can’t be active at one particular moment does not mean you are not an activist.

So, lest I get myself sick talking about this right now (I will come back and reflect later), I enjoyed my time at Yeti Nails & Spa and had a mani/pedi and a short massage, which was all super awesome (and Canadian prices are so bomb).


After that, I ended up getting a piercing, which we all knew was going to happen. I went to Black Line Studios, and the guy was super awesome. I got my rook pierced, which is the fold of cartilage behind your forward helix and above your tragus/daith. It’s the one with the curved barbell in it.


After I left the piercing shop, I went outside and I saw a Mountie!


You can barely see him, but he’s there in the neon vest on a horse. I was on the phone with my mom when I saw him, and I said, “I gotta go! There’s a real Mountie! Or some other police person on a horse.”

Also didn’t wanna look like a dumb tourist so I pretended to take photos of everything except him, but stealthy me, I managed it.

Anyway, after that, I wandered around the Entertainment District some more and had a good night and met some cool people.

I have a lot of activism and political thoughts to reflect on, but right now, I need to step away from that and come back to it when I can.

Today, Sunday, was just a stay-in kind of day with some Netflix and lots of blogging and photos to catch up on. Tomorrow, who knows!

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