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Ontario Science Centre

Friday’s adventures were the next two big things on the list of “Top Things to Do in Toronto” – The Ontario Science Centre and the Royal Ontario Museum.


Once I redeemed my City Pass ticket, I got a map and was immediately very confused by how this building was set-up (I definitely got lost inside a few times later on and couldn’t find my way out, but let’s move on from that).

Map Courtesy of the Ontario Science Centre

The Science Centre had a lot of kids, and it was so great to see them so excited about STEM. I really enjoyed the things that were spotlighted, such as renewable energy, climate change, and dangers to our planet. It reminded me a lot of the Boston Science Museum. It was definitely geared towards children (or maybe it was just over-run with children), but it was still interesting. I don’t have much more to elaborate on right now. I mostly just went to check it out and see what it was like.

There’s about 40 pictures below with some highlights:

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