Canada, Ontario, Toronto

Entertainment District

In Canada, the drinking age varies by province unlike the US where it’s 21 across the board, and in good ol’ Ontario, it’s 19. So 20-year-old me, still too young to be legal in the US, decided that checking out nightlife and the bar scene was a key part of this trip.

I first visited Crocodile Rock, a nightclub/bar in the Entertainment District, just because my Uber driver recommended it and it sounded good to me. I first went on Thursday and it had a really cool vibe, so I visited it again a few other nights this past weekend. I met some cool people, listened to good music, and enjoyed some quality and cheap alcohol. Can’t complain. I enjoyed my time there, it was a good part of the trip, and it was definitely an interesting experience. Good memories, lots of fun. It was definitely a fun thing to do on my trip, especially visiting a country that has different laws and approaches towards alcohol.

We’re going to end this blog post here because I don’t think any further details about my nightlife adventures in Toronto is appropriate for a blog that may be frequented by my coworkers and family haha.

(Also, whenever drunk people found out I was from America, they just had to bring up the Donald).




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