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CN Tower 

CN Tower! On Thursday, I was actually able to successfully go up to CN Tower.



So, I didn’t necessarily have a burning desire to go to CN Tower, but it’s one of those very typical Toronto tourist things, so I decided it should definitely be something on my list. The CN Tower is over 550 meters tall, with the top floor being at approximately 446 meters. The building, standing for Canada National Tower, serves as a communications and observations tower in Toronto.

There was a lot of waiting. And I mean, like a lot. Like pushing two hours of just being in line, and I was committed at that point, so I had nothing to do but wait. I can’t imagine if I had tried to go on Wednesday when it was going to be an even longer wait. As you wait in line for the elevator, you get to see some interesting exhibits about the history of the Tower and so forth. Here’s just a few images of that:

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The ride from the bottom to the top is only 58 seconds, and let me tell you, it was freaky. I didn’t really stop to think that like, I don’t really enjoy heights?? And I get anxious extremely easily? And then all of a sudden, I’m in a little glass box going up over a hundred stories into the air, and I’m like, oh gosh, can’t breathe, it’s okay, this will be over in less than 58 seconds. Here’s a video of going up:

This video doesn’t exist

​ ​Going up in one of the six glass elevators.

Once we were up there, unless you chose to do anything fancy like the Edge Walk or Sky Pod or 360* Restaurant, you mostly just walked around, took pictures, and enjoyed looking over the city.

One floor below (113 stories high) was a glass floor, which WAS SUPER FREAKY AND I ONLY STOOD ON IT LONG ENOUGH TO TAKE A PICTURE AND THEN I RAN AWAY.


I really enjoyed looking over the city, there were some great views (but to be honest, Casa Loma was better, still my fave site, and you could look over a lot of the city from there, too). I got a few pictures and explored a little bit probably for about 20-30 minutes before heading back down.

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Then it was time to head back down (which was also scary but at least I was getting closer and closer to the ground with each second not farther and farther away haha).

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