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City Tour, Harbour Tour, and Night Tour!

I really enjoyed the city tour. As fun as it is to wander aimlessly, I like to have an idea of where things are, to hear some cool history, and get an overview of everything.

The day started by taking an Uber from my Air BNB downtown to Yonge & Dundas Square, where the tour picks up. I did Uber Pool, so I met this nice old lady who gave me lots of tips about Toronto and a list of cool things to do.

I got to Yonge & Dundas a little while later, and I loved it. It’s one of the major shopping areas and tourist attractions in the city. It looks very similar to NYC. I learned later they actually film some movies set in NYC in Toronto because of how similar it looks but Toronto is much easier to work with in terms of shutting down streets and such.

Yonge & Dundas Square

After redeeming my ticket, it was quite a line to get on the bus, so I chatted with this nice lady in front of me in line (who ended up being in front of me on the bus, too). It was about 25 minutes or so. It was nice to just observe and look around Yonge & Dundas. Below I’ll insert some more photos and attempt to make a gallery of images soon.

Once I got on the bus, I stayed on for almost all of the stops, I got off at stop #14 or 15 to grab lunch. Then, I decided to head over to CN Tower.

Well, CN Tower had a two hour waiting time after you bought your ticket, so I decided to try to head back another day. Right next to CN Tower is Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, so that’s where I went next! I’ll make a special post about the Aquarium with more images.

After that, I got back on the bus, and I got off at stop #17 to do the harbour and island cruise. That was so awesome, and I got some really great photos. I loved it.

After that, I got back on the bus and finished the last of the tour and returned to Yonge & Dundas to redeem my night tour ticket and wait till 8:00 to board.

I liked the night tour because there was definitely a whole new view of the city. Also, the night tour went places that the day tour didn’t.

Snapshots from the city & night tour (most of the pictures are from Wednesday, August 9, but I also did the tour on Thursday, August 10, to get to a few key places in the city so there’s a few from then as well):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After the tour, I was exhausted after quite a long day out and headed back to my Air BNB to try to get some rest!


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