Canada, Ontario, Toronto

Checked In & Ready to Go 

Time to go back and reflect on the morning!

Well, it started with a call from my dad, who was bringing me to the bus station, at 3:07 AM, “Where are you?”

“Dad, it’s not even 3:30 yet.”

“Oh, my god you’re still asleep, aren’t you?”

Yes. Yes I was. And if anyone’s surprised, do you even know me? 😅

Backstory, my bus was at 5:00 AM. I just needed to be there by 4:30, so we needed to leave around 3:30 to leave some wiggle room. I had plenty of time, and there’s no reason I’m getting up a minute earlier than I needed to when it’s already the middle of the night. (Also note to self for next vacation: don’t schedule it this early).

So, I get dressed, grab my bags, and head downstairs!! Pretty uneventful. Finished packing everything last night. (Also didn’t even start packing until last night, but let’s focus on my accomplishments).

Look at that! 3:30 on the dot. I was ready right on time. And I could’ve probably slept an extra five minutes.

So off to Portland Transportation Center with my dad. In between talks about how much I need a cup of “covfefe” (and how much we hate DT), I briefly got passionate about environmental justice for 0.0001 seconds before like half passing out, we caught up on random life things, I finally got some coffee in me, and we arrived at PTC around 4:00 AM.

This photo kinda sucks, but I only have so much capacity for different social media platforms so I have to reuse some content. Y’all will live.

Then on to the bus! Well I hate buses because I get carsick af (for those of you who aren’t familiar with the lingo of us young folk, “af” means “as fuck”). But thanks to one of God’s greatest gifts, Dramamine, carsickness was like a 4/10 and bearable. I half watched a movie, scrolled the internet, thought about how tired I was, and then we were there!

Check-in/boarding passes/luggage tags.

Baggage drop-off. Also where I found out I hadn’t yet signed my passport, after checking in online and via the kiosk and saying I had over and over again. Oops. Also still never can remember how to attach those baggage tags. No shame.

Then I saw the currency exchange, and that’s where I remembered my office buddy saying, “Don’t go to the currency exchange. Go to a bank,” and also remembered that my dumb ass forgot to go, despite how many times she reminded me to (shoutout to Sarah). I have my credit card, but I figured having cash on hand is probably important. It was my first time doing currency exchange so that was cool. I got $130 USD worth of CAD.

(I took this photo from a Starbucks super hoping he wouldn’t think I was creeping on him).

Here’s some of my money. I’m in a crowded area right now so holding out a bunch of money and taking a photo immediately made me look like a tourist and probably was an invitiation to get robbed?

So I got here like super early. It was like 7:30 and my flights not till 10:20. I saw the security line and it was pretty long for Air Canada so I decided to grab some coffee (at the Starbucks where I took the creepy photo of the exchange guy). Well when I went back the line had like multiplied exponentially.

Then I went through security, and I always wonder if I’m going to set off the metal detectors with my piercings and have to go through an ordeal. Guess that’s what you ask for when you have 18 holes pierced through your body. Anyway, no snafus. Made it through pretty uneventfully.

And then I made it to my terminal….with over two hours to spare.

So I’ve written this blog post, taken time to record the mundane but exciting parts of traveling, and now I have….an hour and 40 minutes to spare.

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